In May's journal club Amanda discussed the risk of bias and how we avoid falling into this painful, spiked pitfall trap of research. 

In April's journal club Jake got into a deep discussion of odds ratios and relative risk with real world examples that astounded us all.

In March's journal club Amy got into pragmatic clinical trials, teaching us how to make a study applicable to the real world.

In Februrary's journal club Erin discussed risk in all its variants, with ratios, numbers, tables and more.

January's journal club had Jeff teaching us about Cohen's kappa for inter-rater reliability including an example we can all understand.

Zafrina's summary of forest plots from November's journal club helps us see the forest through the statistically insignificant trees. 

In August journal club Niresha summarizes how to create a powerful sample size.

In October journal club, Asha outlines why analyzing with the study's best intentions is not always a treat.